C-pen - a portable reading pen that reads text out loud

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What is a C-pen you ask?

  • It is a portable reading pen that reads text out loud.
  • It promotes independent reading.
  • It can scan, store and transfer passages as well as hand written script, numbers and even small images.

How do I use a C-pen?

  • Just glide the pen over the line of text that you want to read and the pen reads the line of text back to you.
  • C-pens have built in speakers or you can listen privately by plugging in earphones to the port.
  • First pen that is compatible with MAC, PC and Linux, no software required.
  • Can save your scanned text and transfer to your computer, just plug in the USB cable.
  • A bonus feature, if you love human-like digital robot voices- then this pen is for you.

When a student was asked how they liked the C-pen and did it help them after using for a semester; they said they would use it again in a heartbeat.

“I was able to comprehend the reading better and could follow along with either the book or the  c-pen window.

I’m understanding the material better then when I just read the book by myself.  

It’s very easy to use.  You just turn it on and hold it to a textbook.  A light appears as you glide it across a sentence and it reads the text back to you. 

What could be easier?”

 Why be bored on the way to campus watching the world pass you by, when you can have one of your text books read to you.  Unless you’re driving.

DISCLAIMER: MUST HAVE a qualifying disability and be registered with the SUNY Broome Accessibility Resource Office.

To see if you qualify, contact the SUNY Broome Accessibility Office at 607-778-5150 or we are located in the basement of the library Room 017.

C-pen Information (pdf)

Submitted by: Shellie Robinson