By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

In honor of Women’s History Month, the SUNY Broome Foundation and the Office of Marketing and Communications hosted a mini event on March 16, 2023 to celebrate a special population of #SUNYBroomeWomen. Over 70 of SUNY Broome’s female employees are alumnae of the College. They spent the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s studying everything from Dental Hygiene: A.A.S., to Engineering Science: A.S., to Early Childhood: A.A.S. Now they lend their many talents to departments and offices across campus. 

These impressive and accomplished women instruct and advise our students in every academic division, maintain our telecommunications networks, coordinate our special events, oversee our athletics programs, craft our websites, social media accounts, and magazine, and ensure that the College stays financially sound. We are honored to call these women SUNY Broome alumnae!

Around two dozen #SUNYBroomeWomen gathered in the lobby of the Decker Health Science Building to visit with colleagues, reflect on their time as both SUNY Broome alumnae and employees, and to remember the women who made their personal experiences at SUNY Broome so special. After collecting a sweet treat and posing for a group photo, the women returned to their respective offices to continue to make SUNY Broome a premier community college. 

58% of SUNY Broome’s student population identify as female. Throughout the remainder of the month of March, SUNY Broome will celebrate all of the #SUNYBroomeWomen by hosting a series of events including film screenings, group discussions, a hygiene product drive, and an opportunity to nominate a notable SUNY Broome woman who made an impact either in her professional field, in the community, or in the lives of her students. To nominate a noteworthy woman of SUNY Broome, please complete the Notable SUNY Broome Woman form




Back Row: 

  • Rae Palmer-Jones – Staff Assistant in Student Activities 
  • Renee Kovac – Secretary of the Hospitality Programs Department
  • Maria Montemagno – Professor/Chairperson of Hospitality Programs
  • Justine Dadamio – Special Events Coordinator
  • Tina Seedborg – Assistant Professor/Chairperson for Nursing
  • Lynette C. Maslin – Clinical Lab Assistant
  • Julianne E. Martin – Associate Professor
  • Catherine R. Williams – Executive Director of Broome Community College Foundation

Middle Row: 

  • Kelly C. Page – Athletics Office Secretary 
  • Heidi K. Melzer – Senior Staff Assistant/Union Secretary
  • Mary A. Gilbert – Senior Staff Assistant/Union President
  • Valerie M. Carnegie – Staff Associate/Chairperson of Career and Transfer Services
  • Jill M. Hogan – Clinic Receptionist Dental Hygiene 
  • Colleen N. Eggleston – Technical Assistant II Dental Hygiene
  • Julie A. Lakin – Assistant Controller/Union Treasurer
  • Carole A. Stanley – FT Adjunct – Dental Hygiene 

Front Row:

  • Colleen Cashman – Director of Athletics 
  • Erin Merritt – Communications Specialist 
  • Jaime Smith – Alumni & Development Associate
  • Penny Kelly – Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Ashley Blackwell – Staff Assistant Marketing & Communications
  • Lori Smudde – Technical Assistant Marketing & Communications
  • Tina M. Tomassetti  – Assistant Director of Network/Telecommunications

Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

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