By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

In honor of Women’s History Month, SUNY Broome will spend the month of March highlighting the #RemarkableWomenofSUNYBroome. These women graciously lend their talents, innovative spirits, and brilliance to our campus community as faculty and professional staff. By sharing their stories, we hope to honor and celebrate their many contributions to their students and colleagues at SUNY Broome and beyond.

Meet Melissa Martin – Counselor & Chairperson of Counseling Services

Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

What drives you professionally and personally? “I’m driven by my desire to give back to others who are in need. That was a big driving force behind choosing my profession. I was drawn to social work because I really appreciate people’s stories and journeys. I have always felt that if there is anything that I can do to help others with their success and make their lives a little easier, I’ll do what I can to help.” 

What can we do to encourage and support fellow women as they pursue their education and careers? “I think that it is so important to have mentors and to provide space and opportunity for mentorship. Mentors should be women who are strong, productive, driven, and have good morals and values. These women need to pair up with students or even fellow colleagues to offer guidance. I also love the idea of sharing women’s stories more prominently across campus, to have students see us beyond the roles that we function in, but as fellow humans with stories that they can relate to and connect with.”

Who is a public figure (either historical or present day) that has inspired you? What were/are her contributions and achievements? “My figures are more personal. I was raised by a village of powerful and productive women, so many of my influences came from my family, my neighborhood, my roots, and a handful of wonderful teachers throughout elementary through high school. I also had really strong mentors throughout my career who saw my potential before I saw it in myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.” 

What does it mean to you to be celebrated as a remarkable woman? “I prefer to fly under the radar, but this really is a lovely honor! I hope that my work with my students and across campus with colleagues encourages people to see me as a resource. Someone of strength that they can come to for support, or help, or guidance.” 

Name another remarkable woman of SUNY Broome who inspires you. “I have been really fortunate to work closely with Margherita Rossi and Mary Whittaker. They are really remarkable, involved, and innovative women who are truly supportive of raising other women up instead of stepping on their shoulders and moving forward themselves.”

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Celebrating Women's History Month

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