Follow the North Star: Harriet Tubman loading -- Underground Railroad
Poster featuring oil portrait of H. Tubman created by Prof. Zeggert

Professor Zeggert’s poster featuring an oil portrait of Tubman and the north star is one of 16 posters that is included in the 2021 Syracuse Poster Project.

The poster project is a public art and community project that pairs an artist and poet. A collaboration of this type represents and reflects service to community and is considered classic illustration in the purest form with the idea of a concept expressed through words and pictures! Visit Poster Project.

Starting in May, the posters will be on display for a year throughout downtown Syracuse.

Tubman’s portrait is handled in a traditional fashion integrated in a somewhat non-objective background which suggest the hills of central New York.

Professor Zeggert is a member of the Art and Design department and teaches courses in illustration, painting and drawing.

Submitted by: David Zeggert