April 28th, 2020
In a press conference on Wednesday, April 28th, SUNY Broome President Dr. Kevin Drumm and The BCC Foundation’s Executive Director, Cathy Abashian Williams, announced a new source of financial support available to students. The Jumpstart Scholarship program will ensure a minimum of $500 in funding to all qualified new, first-time, admitted students to help offset the cost of tuition and/or related college expenses.

“Recent studies have shown that many students are struggling financially especially after the effects of the pandemic.” explained President Drumm. “We understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic and have significant funding available to help students with the cost. We want to give new students the chance to rediscover the opportunities and value that SUNY Broome and higher education provides.”

The BCC Foundation already awards over 1 million dollars a year in scholarships to assist full-time and part-time students with the cost of attendance including, housing, food, transportation, and emergency events. The college also awards millions of dollars in grant and scholarship funds from federal, state, and other local entities. 87% of SUNY Broome students will receive some form of financial aid.

“It is our goal for the fall to get as close to 100% of students receiving some sort of financial aid as we can get.” said President Drumm. “So, if you didn’t qualify for financial aid before, you will be able to get it with the Jumpstart Scholarship program.”

SUNY Broome offers students with the best possible start, whether it’s an opportunity to study a critical skilled trade and directly enter the workforce, or the ability to take advantage of dozens of incredible transfer agreements with institutions throughout the state and beyond. This scholarship makes this start more feasible for so many in our community.

“Student support is our top priority and we are particularly excited about the Jumpstart program because it comes at a time to help open the door for even those students who may not have qualified for any funding previously,” said Cathy Abashian Williams, Executive Director of The BCC Foundation. “The good news is that in addition to the Jumpstart program we also have a significant number of available need-based grants in aid and merit scholarships to help support the cost of college and help reduce any barriers a student may be facing to get access to high quality public education.”

“This past year has been so difficult for so many,” said Director of Student Financial Services, Laura Hodel. “Providing our newly admitted students with a minimum of $500 will hopefully alleviate financial barriers they may be facing and make the transition to SUNY Broome a seamless one.”

How can you qualify for the Jumpstart Scholarship program?

  • To qualify for this scholarship, each student would need to:
  • apply and successfully complete the semester in which they enrolled
  • be a new, first-time, admitted students
  • complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form
  • complete NYS TAP Application, if an NYS resident

Those interested can learn more about this opportunity, by visiting sunybroome.edu/jumpstart

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