Excelsior University

Excelsior University is an accredited, not-for-profit online institution that has been around for over 50 years and who is focused on helping individuals complete their degrees and advance their careers. Excelsior offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs along with graduate certificates in the areas of business, health sciences, liberal arts, nursing, public service, and technology.

Excelsior and SUNY Broome have been partners for over 30 years and have seen over 500 graduates throughout that time. Many SUNY Broome graduates have taken advantage of Excelsior’s 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program. This program was established to allow SUNY Broome graduates the opportunity to complete additional credits at SUNY Broome beyond their associate degree requirements while concurrently completing Excelsior bachelor’s level courses online.

Excelsior’s 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program offers students the opportunity to maximize the following benefits:

  • Cost Savings – This program will allow a student the opportunity to lower the overall cost to degree completion by completing coursework at the SUNY Broome tuition rate towards courses applicable to their bachelor’s degree.
  • Tuition Discount – 3+1 students will receive a tuition discount of up to 20% off undergraduate coursework at Excelsior upon enrollment.
  • Post Admission Credit Evaluation Service Waiver – Students will receive a Post Admission Credit Evaluation Service waiver (a $300 value) on any coursework submitted from SUNY Broome after admission allowing students to receive updated official evaluations displaying progress towards degree completion.
  • Personalized Advising – Students will receive personalized advising to map out their educational journey with Excelsior and SUNY Broome providing course approvals for their additional courses to be completed at SUNY Broome.
  • Financial Aid Consortium Agreement – 3+1 students utilizing financial aid will be eligible to participate in a federal financial aid consortium agreement. This agreement will enable degree-seeking Excelsior students to participate in financial aid programs while concurrently attending Excelsior and SUNY Broome.

To be eligible for this program, a student must hold an associate degree from SUNY Broome prior to enrolling in the 3+1 Bachelor’s Completion Program. Student’s will be required to complete a minimum of 19 credits at Excelsior before graduating with a bachelor’s degree.

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