Join the Women’s Discussion Group (WDG) 30 Day Yoga Challenge beginning on Tuesday November 1 and ending on December 5, 2022. (We’ve built in a little extra-time to allow you to get started).

At our November 1, 2022 meeting, we shared helpful information about the challenge and how we will recognize all participants in a media release in 2022.

Our tips included:

  • Practicing yoga everyday for 30 days for a length of time that works for you
  • Finding beginner YouTube videos such as those by Adrienne and Kassandra
  • Selecting a time of day (morning, mid-day, evening) and finding a video that works for that time period
  • Being sure to go slowly and not pushing too hard as you begin your practice
  • Using a sports cream before or after your practice or both!
  • Noting that there are options for standing yoga, sitting yoga and yoga in bed
  • Using your yoga practice to connect to yourself physically, mentally and spiritually

Guidelines for Our Challenge:

  • E-mail I.J. Byrnes to let us know you plan to participate in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  • Practice yoga daily, from when you begin your challenge to December 5 (at the latest-you may finish earlier), for a length of time suitable for you. Most past participants used YouTube yoga videos
  • Feel free to contact WDG faculty adviser (I.J. Byrnes) with suggestions for videos or to share inspiration
  • When you reach the end of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, please send WDG faculty adviser (I.J. Byrnes) an email confirming your completion of the challenge. “I confirm that I have completed the WDG 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and note the month, day and year”.
  • WDG Faculty adviser (I.J. Byrnes) will share an article on campus media with the names of all of our participants once the challenge is complete
  • Faculty adviser will be happy to confirm in an email that any participant has completed the 30 Day Yoga Challenge (for promotion, tenure, scholarship/resume/transfer purposes)
  • The WDG is willing to consider an extension to the 30 Day Yoga Challenge if there is interest, so let us know as we go along

Important Note: Be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before undertaking this challenge and note that you are undertaking it at your own risk.

Event: 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Dates: Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – Friday December 5, 2022 – extra days are included to allow participants to join up
Event Sponsor: Women’s Discussion Group


Irene Byrnes, HPSS Department
Phone: x5311 on campus

Submitted by: Women’s Discussion Group