SUNY Broome

Are you interested in starting a new club for SUNY Broome?

Below are the steps for starting a new club:
In order to start a club, follow the steps below:

  1. Gather at least 5 total students to be members (yourself and 4 other people). Be sure you have their SUNY Broome email address! Talk with the faculty and staff of SUNY Broome for an advisor.
  2. Write a club constitution, indicating the unique purpose of the club. A template can be found on The Swarm.
  3. Submit a registration through The Swarm. When submitting, you’ll be asked to invite the interested members and to write the About section of your page.
  4. The Vice President of Student Affairs will review the application. Student Assembly will vote on the recognition of the club.

Should Student Assembly approve recognition, clubs can work with Student Activities on scheduling meetings and holding events!

For any assistance, please feel free to contact Student Activities!

Submitted by: Student Activities