Have a Heart. SUNY Broome for Haiti
News from Haiti continues to be abysmal, with international reports of no functioning government, widespread deadly gang violence, and a worsening humanitarian crisis. However, in the face of a continually worsening conditions, there are glimmers of light and hope.

Last week Health for Haiti celebrated nine years of clean, safe drinking water in Grande Saline. We are joining our partners in Haiti to take some time to recognize and celebrate nine years of improved health and quality of life, nine years of parents having safe water to give their babies, nine years of school children who can wash their hands, stay healthy, and focus on learning, nine years of freedom from debilitating water-borne diseases, and nine years of hope for a better future. We are especially grateful that in 2023 we were able to convert the water filtration system from gas to solar power, ensuring that the community has access to clean water even during desperate fuel shortages.

Thank you to our SUNY Broome community who has continued to join us in supporting our neighbors in Haiti.

For more good news about our partnership with the community of Grande Saline, please visit: SUNY Broome Health for Haiti: Seeds for Hope

Submitted by: Health for Haiti