Current Hot Topics in Politics

Online via Zoom

Two of our political science professors take on any and all hot topics of the day in politics. Don't miss this great and informative discussion. Faculty Presenters: Leeland Whitted and […]

Convocation Day (No Classes)

Join our 2023 Convocation Speaker, Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett from Northeastern University, for a keynote address on neuroscience and psychology you will not forget. Additional information will follow via campus […]

Climate Variability and Human Evolution in East Africa

Titchener Building Room 101

How did rapid climate¬†change impact human evolution? When in recent geological history were climatic conditions similar to today? How will future climate change impact humans? Join Dr. Leet for a […]

American Eugenics: A Nazi Blueprint

Titchener Building Room 101

Join students from HIS 117: World History II for a fascinating discussion of the legal case, Buck v. Bell, that provided for the¬†sterilization of people deemed "genetically unfit". How did […]

Feelings, Teachers and Neurons: How Brains Learn

Titchener Building Room 101

Ever wonder what learning looks like in the brain? Or why a teacher can "teach" for an hour and have students "not learn anything"? Do you suffer from math-phobia, test […]

Renaissance and Baroque Music for Guitar

Online via Zoom

Join a member of our music faculty for a live performance of guitar music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. What better way to celebrate a very welcome Spring? Contact […]