Grammarly Keyboard example

Have you ever been typing an urgent email on your phone and you can not think of the word that you want to type?  With Grammarly keyboard you can have clear and effective writing.

With Grammarly Keyboard you have:

  • Grammar and spell checker
  • Punctuation correction
  • Vocabulary enhancements
  • Synonyms

All at your fingertips, which makes swipe typing so easy that you can compose without slowing down.

Grammarly keyboard gives you easy text suggestions while you receive clear explanation for every correction. Plus your mistakes are explained, so hopefully you will not make them in the future.  But if you do Grammarly keyboard has your back.

Downloading the app is easy. Just go to and scan the QR code with your phone to install. Or go to the App store or Google Play.

With Grammarly keyboard you can write from your mobile device with confidence.

Submitted by: Shellie Robinson