Art 105: Charles Csuri, Wondrous Spring, 1992 Transparency & Color

Winter 2022

ART 105: Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design

3 Credit Gen Ed Course that will transform the way you see. Train your eye to create something from nothing and have some fun!

CRN 622 ART 105-Y01 Lecture Online Asynchronous

CRN 623 ART 105-LY1 Lab Online Asynchronous

3 Credit GEN ED Course as ART Requirement or ART Elective.

Register online or with Advisor Melyssa Wrisley +1 (607) 778-5426

Professor Patricia Evans +1 (607) 778-5503

Art 105 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design flier (pdf)

Submitted by: Patricia Evans

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