Glean Audio Notetaking

DISCLAIMER: MUST HAVE a qualifying disability and be registered with the SUNY Broome Accessibility Resource Office.

How many times have you gone to study for a test, BUT you do not know where to start? Or you know you wrote that important piece of information down that the professor said would be on the test, BUT where is it!!!

Introducing the newest app on Campus- Glean Audio Notetaking Software

The app that allows you to:

  • Record a lecture one of three ways-
    • From computer audio – record a lecture while taking notes
    • From external microphone – record class while recording your interactions with the class
    • Or from both – record lecture or class and your interactions
  • Import PowerPoint Slides: as long as you save as a PDF first

Glean has 4 buttons to help make you a better note taker-

  1. Headings – So you know when a page changes or the direction of the lecture goes to a different topic.
  2. Important – The answer to, “This will be on the test, write it down and star it for studying purposes.”
  3. Review – With the touch of your mouse you can go back to the specific moments where you were confused or had a question.
  4. Task – When your professor says, “Your homework for tonight is “Select task and no more looking through piles of paper to find your assignment.  Almost as easy as taking a picture of the board.

Now once again go back and read the disclaimer, you know that part in the beginning that was RED and said DISCLAIMER.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

All set – does the DISCLAIMER still apply? Good – now where was I?  Oh yeah, after class you can go back into your events and find your class.  You can change headings, go to the reading view and even print your notes.  But why would you want to.  Glean is web-based, so your notes go with you.  So you can study on the go.

Contact Brian Croteau at +1 (607) 778-5398 in the SUNY Broome Accessibility Resource Office to schedule an appointment and get further information on Glean.

Glean Audio Notetaking – the new way to make YOU a better note taker.

Submitted by: Perkins /Learning Assistance Department