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The chart below describes our early alert workflow.  Intervention efforts are based on the individual flags.

Instructor submits alert via Starfish Student sent an automated email message through Starfish Flag information available on tracking tab in student folder in Starfish Flag information available on tracking tab for Outreach Staff Student receives email and hopefully follows up on recommendations in email Outreach Staff should monitor flags for patterns and continuous low level issues Instructor clears flag as a result of student action Intervention Cycle 1. The intervention cycle begins with a phone call to the student. If no contact is made, we leave a voicemail message (if available) and send the student an e-mail requesting them to make contact with us. A note is recorded for the flag(s) in Starfish. 2. If student initiates the follow-up, the support staff identifies barriers limiting success and recommends corrective action. Flag is cleared and instructor is notfied via close the loop message. 3. If student does not initiate a timely additional attempts to contact student are made (and noted in Starfish). 4. After 3 unsuccessful attempts of contact, flag is cleared and "no reply from student" is noted.