After a 3-year interruption due to the pandemic, the STEM and Health Sciences Divisions and members of the science fair committee are pleased to announce that the Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair (STSSF) has returned to campus for the 18th time.  On Saturday, March 11, 2023, over 40 fifth through 12th graders participated in this regional event.

The STSSF is dedicated to encouraging the Southern Tier’s middle and high school students to pursue scientific and technological inquiries through individual and two or three-member team science projects. The Science Fair provides a forum for developing academic skills, such as becoming familiar with the scientific method, conducting an independent scientific investigation, speaking, and preparing an organized display.  The STSSF participants met and conversed with several of the over 20 STEM professionals in our community who volunteered their time and expertise to reinforce an awareness that evidence-based information remains the best way to tackle and solve problems.

Awards and prizes were donated by local businesses and organizations. Major sponsors of the STSSF include SUNY Broome, the SUNY Broome Foundation, Triple Cities-NY Chapter of Sigma Xi, Lockheed Martin, UHS, Raymond Corporation, Miller Auto Team, IBM, Delta Engineers Architects & Land Surveyors, Diamond Visionics, and more.

Professor Robert Lofthouse (Engineering & Physics), Professor Erin Heard (Physical Sciences), Professor Alison Sheridan-Brennan (Chemistry), Dr. Dan Brennan (Chemistry), Sarah Stevenson (Biology), the SUNY Broome Ecology Club, and student volunteers from SUNY Broome as well as educators from Kopernik Observatory & Science Center and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County conducted a two-part workshop called Electric and Eclectic: Planets, Plants, Plastic.

We were pleased to welcome our honored guests Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, (Interim Dean of STEM) and Dr. Penny Kelly (Vice President and Chief Academic Officer), and grateful for the support of all SUNY Broome administrators and departments who facilitated the event and for making the 2023 STSSF a success!

We recognize and thank the following dedicated members of the SUNY Broome community who serve as STSSF Planning Committee members, as donor liaisons, and as project judges:

Denise Abrams
James Antonakos
Daniel Brennan
Carol Church
Alison Sheridan-Brennan
Beth Congdon
Robert Congdon
Tracy Curtis
Justine Dadamio
Melissa Glenn
John Gerty
Karen Goodman
Tamika Gordon
Rachael Hagerman
Maureen Hankin
Amanda Hollister
Bill Hollister
Keith Hughes
Diane Kelly
Chris Kushner
Julianne Martin
Jen Musa
Erin O’Hara-Leslie
Phyllis O’Donnell
Erik Roessner
Noah Roth
Sarah Stevenson
Adrian Summer
Carine Surdey
Susan Schwing

Special shout out to Professor Diane Kelly (Biology), the recipient of the 2023 of the Sigma Xi Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair.

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Respectfully submitted by Phyllis O’Donnell

Photos by Bill Hollister

The Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair 2023. The Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair 2023. The Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair 2023. The Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair 2023.

See Science Fair 2023 Photos for more photos of the event.

Submitted by: Phyllis O’Donnell & Bill Hollister