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Wellness Wednesday out of the Counseling Corner: 

Sleep Challenge!

Sleep is essential for our overall functioning.

What is the optimal number of hours of sleep that YOU need to function at your best? Are you achieving that amount of hours?

This week you are being challenged to go to bed a given time each night and wake up at a given time each morning – what will work for you, lets see….

  • So 1st figure out how many hours of sleep works best for YOU, once you have this figured out set a bed time.
  • Put a reminder in your phone with an alarm 30 minutes before this bed time. Add this reminder in for each day this week.
  • Now figure out what time you need to wake up based on your calculated hours of sleep needed.
  • Set an alarm for each day to wake you up at this time. It is important to avoid hitting snooze with your morning alarm.
  • It is key to be ready for bed and use that ½ hour window at night to get yourself ready for bed, last minute phone use, brush teeth, wash face, etc. get your sleeping space primed for sleep.
  • Turn your phone to silent and leave it out of your bed. Try and refrain from using it once you get into bed.
  • Set your alarm and get some sleep.
  • Do this for a week and see how you feel.

This is a time in the semester where sleep begins to be compromised due to school demands and schedules, etc. It is important to make sure you put yourself first and get enough sleep – you’ll feel better for it! 

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