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The web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge have recently announced that security researchers have found a series of critical vulnerabilities affecting previous versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge. Announcements like this are increasing in frequency. It’s more important than ever to browse the internet with up-to-date software.

To ensure browsers are updated as efficiently as possible, ITS will automatically install updates to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge on all campus computers afterhours. This will be a regular, automatic, hands-off process. This could delete personal web browser settings such as bookmarks and cookies that had been configured in old versions of web browsers. In order to prevent any loss of personal browser settings, please backup your browser settings and bookmarks to your Z: drive.

At the end of the work week, please leave your PC powered on after you sign out for the day.

If you need assistance exporting or importing browser bookmarks on a campus PC, please contact or submit a CSR.

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