Silhouette Dance

If you would like to improve your self-confidence, overcome fears about being in front of groups or just have fun working with your own personal presence, your voice, then why not enroll in Introduction to Acting class, THR 111R01

Years ago it was opened up to students from all disciplines and many from Nursing, Business, Criminal Justice, Art, Engineering, etc. have taken the class and greatly benefited. Their testimonials expressed how the class helped them enhance the use of their voice, eyes and personal expressiveness and poise.     

Let’s face it, using our voices, eyes, focus, concentration etc. are communication skills that we need in every walk of life, every job and every human interaction. This class will give you practice at those skills in a comfortable, fun, supportive and collaborative environment.  It can benefit any student in any discipline.

This class does not meet on campus and all class meetings are in person online 1:00 pm to 2:15 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For more information please contact Associate Professor of Theater Katherine Bacon at or leave a message at +1 (607) 778-5191

Submitted by: Katherine Bacon