On Wednesday November 10, the Office of Marketing and Communications will be launching a theme update to the website that may require you to clear your browser history to see the website accurately. The updates will begin launching in the morning and are anticipated to be fully live by 12pm that day. MarCom will be clearing the website cache from the hosting side, but regular visitors will likely need to clear their own browser history in order to remove anything cached in their browsers.

These updates will be to the primary content area of the website in order to improve accessibility and adhere to modern average screen resolutions and aesthetics.

Below is an example of how the content area is being updated:

Current look:
preview of current look on website
New look:
preview of new look on website

Please note, this change is only to the style, not the content.

MarCom will be going through all our pages as the update is launched to ensure content appears correctly in the update, but if you notice any pages that appear strangely after you’ve cleared your browser history, please send an email to cablecm@sunybroome.edu and we’ll make a priority to correct the issue.

If you need updates to content on your pages, please use the Web Edits form (requires MyCollege login)