The time has come to rebrand the Focus and SUNY Broome TODAY newsletters and we’re asking you, the faculty and staff of SUNY Broome, to help pick a new name!

The Focus is SUNY Broome’s online newsletter for faculty & staff news. The SUNY Broome Today emails are email newsletters that compile the most recently published articles in the Focus, so both will be renamed and rebranded under a singular new name.

Help us get started by suggesting some new names and by letting us know if there are any other features you would like to see on the Focus website or in the SUNY Broome Today emails.

The suggestion form will be open until Friday, October 8th at 5pm and you may submit more than one entry if you think of additional names/suggestions before the form closes. A form to vote on your favorite name will be posted shortly after!

Submit your ideas for the Focus/SUNY Broome TODAY Rebrand

(Links to a Google Form that requires users to be signed into their SUNY Broome Gmail account)