Sowmya Murali

Sowmya Murali

Behind every healthcare visit, every procedure, runs a river of data critical to care. Enter the field of Health Information Technology, a dynamic and emerging field with job opportunities both locally and across the nation.

Sowmya Murali landed her job in the field at UHS even before she graduated from the program in May 2017.

Like many HIT students, she’s considered non-traditional by age – that is, an adult learner. She’s no stranger to education – she earned a master’s degree in business from the University of Missouri in Columbia – but left the workforce for 12 years while raising her family.

She then decided to return to school and prepare for a career change, shifting her path from business to healthcare.

“It fit into what I wanted to do. It fit into my schedule. It was perfect,” she said of SUNY Broome’s HIT program.

As an adult learner, Murali felt more comfortable in on-campus courses, although SUNY Broome offers online courses as well. Small classes ensured personal attention, and instructors share their professional experiences and passion for the field.

“I just love the program. The professors are just wonderful,” she said.

Juggling academic work with family life can be difficult, but Murali said her hard work paid off. She considers her current position as the first step in her new career, and will eventually consider pursuing additional education in her field.

“I’m very interested in health informatics, the data side of healthcare,” she explained. “The future is open — one step at a time.”

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