Starting the week of February 7, the Focus and SUNY Broome TODAY will be renamed and rebranded HiveHQ.

The Focus has been SUNY Broome’s online newsletter for faculty & staff news and the SUNY Broome TODAY emails are newsletters that display the most recently published articles in the Focus, and come to your email daily (less frequently during holidays and summer). Both will continue to operate and serve the same functions, but will be renamed HiveHQ (the online newsletter) and HiveHQ Highlights (the daily email that compiles recent articles from the online newsletter).

With the renaming, the following changes will take place:

  1. The Focus online column of the Buzz will be renamed HiveHQ, and can be found by either visiting:
    • (will be fully functional by 2/7)
    • Or going to The Buzz and selecting “HIVEHQ” in the links at the top (currently “FOCUS” until 2/7)
  2. The daily “SUNY Broome TODAY” emails will come to your email with the subject “{Entire Campus} HiveHQ Highlights – [month].[day].[year]”

Content for HiveHQ can continue to be submitted through our Share Your News form.

The individual who submitted the name idea wishes to remain anonymous, but we thank you and congratulate you on your winning suggestion! Thank you to everyone who submitted new name ideas, content ideas, and voted. We will continue to look into ways to implement your content ideas.

Submitted by: MarCom