Daniel Todd
Daniel Todd

When it comes to leadership, Daniel Todd has paid attention to which strategies work.

Listen to everyone, whether you agree with their opinion or not. Be consistent and confident, so the people you’re working with come to trust you and your abilities.

Lessons such as these must be lived – and Daniel has, as president both of Student Assembly and the college’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the community college honor society. In his Student Assembly role, he represents his fellow Hornets on shared governance bodies such as College Assembly.

The Nineveh native is also a standout in the classroom. Along with fellow Business Administration major Junelle Perry, he was nominated for the All USA Transfer Scholarship through PTK. Favorite professors include Dr. Diana Heron for marketing, and Mark Mushalla for financial and managerial accounting.

His reason for attending SUNY Broome would ring true to any Business major: the bottom line.

“The major reason is because it was economically viable. I thought I would be getting a good quality education for that price point,” he said.

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Get involved

Daniel Todd’s leadership drive began in middle school, when he ran for class chaplain at Central Baptist Christian Academy. He ended up serving in the post throughout his high school career. He also followed his father’s footsteps in the Boy Scouts, becoming an Eagle Scout, and assistant scoutmaster and den leader for local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops.

It was natural that he continue this trajectory once he entered college. During his first semester, he heard his fellow students voice their issues and concerns, and decided to join Student Assembly.

“That way, I can hear the problems and attempt to fix them,” he said.

He began as a senator, then filled a vacancy as vice president of administration before running for president last spring.

Many student concerns involve financial burdens, such as the cost of food or textbooks. Current Student Assembly initiatives include working with American Dining Creations on café prices, as well as raising awareness of cost-saving initiatives at the campus store.

After graduating in May, a bachelor’s degree in business is his next step, and to that end he is applying to both Binghamton University and Cornell. Ultimately, he plans to earn his law degree and enter the political arena, possibly as a district attorney.

“I see a lot that is wrong and I want to fix those things. We have a lot of people who get away with animal abuse or crimes like rape or murder, and they’re not in prison or jail as long as those who commit lesser crimes,” he explained.

Overall, Daniel Todd’s SUNY Broome experience has been rewarding – and not just because of the price point. He has found the college receptive to student needs, and also a good place to develop leadership skills. Fellow Hornets looking for similar opportunities need only get involved.

“Broome gives a lot of leadership opportunities that people don’t always take advantage of — the many different clubs, the Council of Clubs, the finance committee on Student Assembly,” he said. “We definitely give a ton of leadership opportunities.”

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