The 19th annual Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair (STSSF) welcomed over fifty students from twelve schools to celebrate a day of science and exploration on Saturday March 16th at SUNY Broome. The STEM and Health Sciences Divisions and members of the science fair committee were pleased to provide this valuable opportunity for local fifth-grade, middle, and high school students to design, implement, and present an original research or engineering project.

Five students hold their awards from the science fair.

Students hold their award certificate and prizes. Photo Credit: Bill Hollister

The STS-Science Fair provides a forum for developing academic skills, such as becoming familiar with the scientific method and engineering method, conducting an independent scientific investigation, speaking, and preparing an organized display. The STSSF participants met and conversed with several of the over 20 STEM professionals and post-secondary educators in our community who volunteered their time and expertise to reinforce an awareness that evidence-based information remains the best way to tackle and solve problems.

Awards and prizes were donated by local businesses and organizations. Major sponsors of the STSSF include SUNY Broome, the SUNY Broome Foundation, Triple Cities-NY Chapter of Sigma Xi, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Miller Auto Team, UHS, Gault Auto, the Raymond Corporation, Delta Engineers Architects & Land Surveyors, Wegmans, Endwell Family Physicians, the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the Binghamton Black Bears, Sams Club, and more.

Three students participate in a lab experiment.

The students participate in a lab experiment at a workshop. Photo Credit: Bill Hollister

Dr. Alexsa Silva and members of the Binghamton University Chemistry Outreach Program conducted an engaging morning workshop “The Healing Power of Chemistry”.  SUNY Broome Professors Alison Sheridan-Brennan (Chemistry), Josh Vansteenburg (Criminal Justice and Emergency Services), Robert Lofthouse (Engineering & Physics), and Dr. Dan Brennan (Chemistry) spearheaded the interactive afternoon “STEM to the Rescue” workshop along with several student volunteers from SUNY Broome.  In fact, one of the volunteers shared a personal history with the STSSF. “I first participated in the STSSF when I was in fifth grade,” says SUNY Broome Community College Computer Science major, Chad Cole.  “I remember my project was about whether having a good breakfast could increase texting speed.  I had a great experience when I participated in the Fair, and I am happy to be able to serve as a volunteer and support the next generation of young scientists.”

We were pleased to welcome our honored guest Dr. Penny Kelly (Vice President and Chief Academic Officer) and grateful to Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola, (Interim Dean of STEM), Dr. Kim McLain (Associate Vice President and Dean of Health Sciences & Institutional Effectiveness), Dr. Tony Hawkins (President) and all the SUNY Broome administrators and departments who facilitated the event and helped to make the 2024 STSSF a success!

Students practice compressions in a wound simulator.

Students practice compressions in the “Stop the Bleed” wound simulator workshop. Photo Credit: Bill Hollister

The STEM and Health Sciences Divisions recognize and thank the following dedicated members of the SUNY Broome community who serve as STSSF Planning Committee members, as donor liaisons, and as project judges:

Denise Abrams
James Antonakos
Daniel Brennan
Alison Sheridan-Brennan
Carol Church
Robert Congdon
Tracy Curtis
Justine Dadamio
John Gerty
Melissa Glenn
Karen Goodman
Kathleen Grasso
Rachael Hagerman
Maureen Hankin
Tina Hasemann
Amanda Hollister
Bill Hollister
Diane Kelly
Chris Kushner
Diana LaBelle
Sushma Madduri
Julianne Martin
Jen Musa
Michelle Naylor
Erin O’Hara-Leslie
Phyllis O’Donnell
Erik Roessner
Susan Schwing
Sarah Stevenson
Adriane Summer

Special shout out to Professor Alison Sheridan-Brennan (Chemistry), the recipient of the 2024 Sigma Xi Certificate of Recognition of Outstanding Service to the Southern Tier Scholastic Science Fair.

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Submitted by: Phyllis O’Donnell, PhD