Life changes very quickly, in a very Positive way, if you let it -- Lindsey Vonn

No one would have thought a month ago that this is where we would be today- taking classes all online, working from home, socially isolating.

Life truly changed fast. We may not have control over how it has changed for each of us and for the community around us, but we can control how we handle these changes.

Focusing on how stress affects us- getting to know our response to stress will help us make improvements in how it affects us.

Take a few moments to reflect on how this crisis is effecting you- what are you thinking. Feeling, how is your body responding? Now think of some things that bring you joy- activities, people, music, movies. Are you enjoying any of these activities right now? If not- what is getting in your way?

Try to incorporate one positive/fun activity into your routine each and every day. If you are enjoying some fun- keep it up! It is all about balance! 

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