SUNY Broome celebrated it’s 8th “Move-in Day” at the Student Village by welcoming 240 new students to the residence hall on Saturday, August 28, 2021. In addition to our new student residents, the Student Village houses six Resident Assistants and their supervisors, Community Director, Kalis Nunes, and graduate assistant, Maddie Schmauch. 


Guided by members of our Public Safety team, families were directed into campus. A new check-in process, facilitated by members of the Student Development team, was included in the move-in steps to ensure additional health and safety precautions. 

Student Village Community Director, Kalis Nunes, helped coordinate Move-In Day in conjunction with teams from  Student Development and Public Safety. “The goal of today is to safely and seamlessly move in about 240 new residents to the Student Village and to reassure their families that they will be well taken care of,” said Nunes. 

A key part of Move-In Day’s seamless welcome is the support provided by our student, faculty, and staff volunteers. “I am really thankful for our student and staff volunteers. Many of our student volunteers are new EOP students who are helping out today to wrap up their Summer Advancement Academy and to meet their new neighbors. We are also being supported by faculty and staff from across campus,” said Nunes.  

For Radiologic Technology Clinical Instructor, Russ Dunham, SUNY Broome’s Move-In Day was his second college move-in event of the week. “I just moved my son into SUNY Potsdam on Wednesday. Unlike today, there were no students or volunteers to help us. So, I thought I would lend a hand to help our students. Comparing the two, our move-in process is definitely more organized and smoother for the families participating,” said Dunham. 

A picnic lunch for the new residents, their families, and the volunteers was provided by SUNY Broome’s community partner, Central Baptist Church.  “Each year we serve between 500-700 hot dogs. We are so happy to be involved with Move-In Day and genuinely look forward to it every year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to welcome 200+ new students to the community,” said Pastor LD Maxson.

Vice President for Student Development & Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Carol Ross-Scott, personally greeted the new residents and their families, and encouraged them to celebrate the experience of becoming a residential student.

The 240+ residents of the Student Village are divided amongst 60 suites between four floors. Student Village amenities include: 

  • Fully Furnished Suites (Four bedrooms, a full kitchen, and two full bathrooms.) 
  • Fitness Center 
  • Classroom
  • Computer Labs
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Skype Lounge
  • Quiet Study Rooms
  • Student Lounge

Learn more about SUNY Broome’s Student Village!

Meet Our New Student Village Residents!

New Student: Neliyah Hernandez
Program of Study: Health Studies – Nursing
Hometown: NYC
Who is here with you today?: “My mom, my dad, my siblings, one of my cousins, and my grandparents. I am the first child in my family to go to college.”
Why did you choose SUNY Broome?: “I wanted to go away to school, but not be too far away from my family. SUNY Broome is the right amount of away for me.”

New Student: Ethan Roselle
Program of Study: Communications and Media Arts
Hometown: Carmel, NY
Why did you volunteer to help move in students this morning?: “When I moved to campus earlier this summer for the EOP Advancement Academy, I was all alone. I drove three hours from Carmel, NY by myself. I thought that I could handle it. Now, I understand how nice it is to have support when you move to college, so I wanted to help other new students in case anyone else was moving in alone like I did.”
Why did you choose SUNY Broome?: “Venessa Rodriguez. Venessa made me so excited to be part of EOP at SUNY Broome. Also, a hug from Venessa makes me feel less homesick.”


New Student: Amaya Myers
Program of Study: Health Studies – Nursing
Hometown: Elmira, NY
How would you describe the theme or decor of your dorm room?: “I picked very clean, calm, neutral colors. I also have some fall decorations to put up to tie in with the season.”
Why did you choose SUNY Broome?: “My goal is to be a Nurse and SUNY Broome offers the best path for me to become one. I’ll start as a Health Studies student and hopefully will transition into the Nursing program.”

New Student: Gabrielle Krak
Program of Study: Culinary Arts
Hometown: South New Berlin, NY
What is the first meal that you will make for your new roommates?: “Chicken Parm. It’s my favorite dish to cook.”
Why did you choose SUNY Broome?: “I want to be a chef and SUNY Broome has a brand new Culinary Arts program and beautiful culinary center that I toured over the summer. I can’t wait to start cooking in those kitchens!”

New Student: Felicia Peedah
Program of Study: Health Studies
Hometown: Montgomery, NY (Born in Ghana)
Who will you miss the most?: “I think they will all be missing me more!”
Why did you choose SUNY Broome?: “I felt very welcome at SUNY Broome from the start and knew that it would be a good fit for me.”



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