SUNY Broome is proud to announce that the campus Ice Center will serve as a Broome County mass vaccination site. The announcement was made by County Executive Jason Garnar in a press conference held on January 14, 2021.

The site will be operational starting next week and will be prepared to distribute just 500 doses a day to county residents. The number of doses distributed at this site will be contingent upon how many doses the County receives from the state, which will depend on the number of doses the state receives from the federal government.

County Executive Garnar thanked President Drumm and SUNY Broome for this critical partnership. “Just the latest example of SUNY Broome being a great partner with Broome County. We’re going to be saving lives. There’s been a lot of things that the Community College has done to help people in our community – this is probably the best thing it has done to date”, stated Garnar

“We’re so pleased that we’re able to help out in this way. We’re thrilled that our Ice Center is going to be used for such a great purpose”, said SUNY Broome President Kevin Drumm. Drumm went on to say that the Ice Center is the perfect location for this site due to its air circulation system, size, accessibility, and parking. He said he is proud that the Ice Center will be used to help save lives.

Watch the full press conference here

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras also recognized SUNY Broome in serving as a vaccination center:

“As New York State and local officials continue to prepare to vaccinate more individuals, our SUNY campuses are making resources available—they know all too well the stakes are high and they are eagerly raising their hands to help. Broome Community College today is joining the effort, offering up the usage of their vast campus Ice Center to ensure the county and public health officials have ample space to smoothly start vaccinations for the community. I thank Broome Community College’s leadership and Broome County officials for their great teamwork in our fight against this virus.”

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