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February 16, 2022

BROOME COUNTY, New York — SUNY Broome Community College (“SUNY Broome”), through their Housing Development Corporation, is excited to announce its enrollment in the Penn Yan Community Solar project in collaboration with PowerMarket and EDPR NA Distributed Generation (“EDPR NA DG”). SUNY Broome will have over sixty of its NYSEG utility accounts participate, representing 380,000 kWh/year of energy usage, and expects to save $3,000 per year on their NYSEG costs. From receiving guaranteed monthly savings, to supporting local renewable energy, to engaging students and staff in learning about clean energy, SUNY Broome’s participation supports their community on numerous fronts. SUNY Broome joins other higher education institutions in PowerMarket’s portfolio, such as Maria College, College of Saint Rose and Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

“Being an environmental steward is in line with our school mission,” Evan Bigam, Director of Residential Life and Housing at SUNY Broome, said. “To date, we have engaged students in helping to implement a recycling campaign on campus. What’s great is that sustainability initiatives, such as our recycling program and joining community solar, not only make us a better community member and provide our students more learning opportunities, but also they help us reduce our operating costs.”

Having engaged SUNY Broome in community solar, PowerMarket hopes others in the community will see the benefits of this renewable energy option.

“Throughout the past year, we have worked closely with the  Vice President for Student Development & Chief Diversity Officer at SUNY Broome, Dr. Carol Ross-Scott, to bring this partnership to life,” Jason Kaplan, COO at PowerMarket, said. “We know it can be difficult to enroll an academic institution in community solar, appreciating the levels of internal approvals needed. But I have to commend Dr. Carol and the SUNY Broome team for appreciating the value proposition of community solar, doing their due diligence, and ultimately coming to the conclusion that this program is too good to pass up. SUNY Broome is a leader in the community and we look forward to our continued engagement to bring their students, staff, and neighbors to community solar as well.”

SUNY Broome’s 64 accounts will be joining EDPR NA DG’s 7.25 MW community solar project in Penn Yan, New York. Subscribers to this community solar project, like SUNY Broome, will receive savings directly applied to their utility bill.

This deal showcases how community solar is a renewable energy option that can engage more organizations in the clean energy revolution while helping their bottom line.

“Making a larger impact in clean energy is something we have always wanted to do but have found it difficult,” Dr. Carol Ross-Scott said. “Community solar made it easy since there are no costs to join, we don’t have to install any additional solar panels on our roofs, and there is no risk in participating. Yet, we are still able to see savings and benefit our students and neighbors. Being a part of a community solar project means we are supporting not only SUNY Broome’s future but our greater community’s future as well.”


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About SUNY Broome

For over 75 years, SUNY Broome has been a dynamic presence in the State University of New York (SUNY) system. The college is known for its rich history, wide-ranging degree opportunities, exceptional faculty and staff, and engaging campus life. SUNY Broome’s dedication to learning, excellence, equity, diversity and innovation have established it as a preeminent school recognized both nationally and globally. Learn more at sunybroome.edu