As a throwback to Faculty/Staff Assemblies of the past, employees from across campus once again gathered in the dining hall on Thursday, January 19th to attend the Spring 2023 FSA. This bi-annual event encourages fellow colleagues to share breakfast, to reconnect, and to celebrate the abundant accomplishments of the past semester, in preparation for the first day of the spring session. 

Faculty and staff mingled over breakfast and watched a recap montage of the previous semester’s highlights. At the conclusion of reel, Dr. Penny Kelly, Vice President for Academic Affairs, opened the assembly with her traditional welcome message. She proudly recognized SUNY Broome’s newest employees and congratulated many current employees on their new professional roles within the campus community. 

New hires and employees with new roles include: 

  • Danielle Berchtold: Senior Associate to the Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Brendan Doherty: Student Success Coach
  • Holly Farwell: Assistant Professor in Nursing
  • Sara Forbes: Technical Assistant IIA in Marketing and Communications
  • Christopher Keaty: Assistant Professor in Communications & Media Arts
  • William Mason: Student Success Coach
  • Dr. Kimberly McLain: Associate Vice President & Dean of Health Sciences and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Abbey Perkins:Student Success Coach
  • Beth Richards: Assistant Dean of Academic Services
  • Samantha Stropko-Cuno: Assistant Professor in Nursing
  • Sarah Trencansky: Staff Librarian in Learning Resources Center
  • Jarrell Harrison: Student Rights & Responsibilities Coordinator
  • Brianna Alford: Learning Specialist in EOP
  • Angela Bergholtz: Payroll Administrative Specialist in Payroll
  • Shannon Barnum: Student Records Specialist in Financial Aid
  • Cheryl Campbell: Assistant Controller I in Finance
  • Mary Gilbert: Senior Staff Assistant in Finance and Financial Aid
  • Joseph Miller: Maintenance Worker
  • Austin Mooney: Maintenance Worker
  • Denise Quigley: Bursar in Finance

Dr. Kevin Drumm, President of SUNY Broome, then took to the podium to deliver his (potentially) last Faculty Staff Assembly address. While Dr. Drumm initially planned to retire in July of 2023, he shared that due to a potential delay with the national search, there is a chance that he may remain on campus a little longer than expected to support the College’s smooth transition. 

Dr. Drumm then provided a brief update on the continued discussions with Binghamton University regarding further collaboration. Conversations continue between teams from both campuses and SUNY. For now, while an official integration is on a soft hold, the goal is to strengthen and expand existing collaborations between SUNY Broome and Binghamton University via the Binghamton Advantage Program (BAP) – the highly successful joint admissions program that is approaching its 10th anniversary. Currently, BAP students are admitted directly to Binghamton University under the condition that they complete one to two years of study at SUNY Broome. BAP students reside on Binghamton University’s campus and commute to SUNY Broome for classes. Pending GPA and credit completion, BAP students can seamlessly transfer to Binghamton University.

“We are excited about the potential of expanding BAP, specifically for local students to build our local pipeline, which I believe will have tremendous potential,” shared Dr. Drumm.

Dr. Drumm took time to reflect on all of the changes that have taken place during his tenure, most notably the College’s name change to SUNY Broome and the addition of the Student Village. 

At the conclusion of Dr. Drumm’s message, Brenda Dawe, Associate Professor/Chairperson of Music and Theater Arts, introduced the featured musical performers. First year students, Cooper Ely and Elijah Stocum performed Bach’s 2-Part Invention No. 4 in D minor on electric guitar and bass guitar. 

Dr. Penny Kelly distributed copies of the Academic Master Plan and encouraged those in attendance to review the document. She proceeded to provide a comprehensive overview of the many tasks already accomplished and discussed initiatives that will continue to be tackled throughout the year. An official update to the Academic Master Plan will be distributed to the campus community in mid-February. Highlights of accomplishments include physical upgrades to learning environments across campus, enhanced partnerships with regional high schools and community partners, and the continued redevelopment of our academic advising and coaching models. 

Dr. Carol Ross-Scott, Vice President for Student Development & Chief Diversity Officer, expressed the importance of physical and mental wellness for both SUNY Broome’s students and employees. She proudly announced that we have a full Student Assembly and shared the impressive overall GPA’s of several campus populations including Student Village RA’s and student athletes, proving the point that an active and engaged student body is a successful one. 

Dave Ligeikis, representing Campus Operations, shared a recap of the tremendous work done by the facilities team. His presentation entitled “Good Stuff Coming” delineated many exciting campus enhancements such as a redesign of the nursing learning space, a major renovation to the library, and the addition of an outdoor fitness court. 

Cathy R. Williams, Executive Director of the SUNY Broome Foundation, concluded the assembly by presenting  highlights from the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Faculty and staff alone raised over $95,000.00. Last year, five new scholarships (three endowed) were given by alumni, community friends, and college faculty. This fiscal year six additional new awards have been created. Cathy shared two calls to action – for members of the campus community to donate items for the 75th Anniversary time capsule and to continue to participate in the Foundation’s “Very Inspiring Person” campaign, which recognizes fellow employees for their hard work and dedication to SUNY Broome. 

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