Stephanie Jump

Stephanie Jump

Congratulations to SUNY Broome graduate Stephanie Jump, who was recently featured in an article by Excelsior College!

From the article:

After graduating from high school in 2007, Stephanie attended SUNY Broome to attain her associate degree in criminal justice, a field she’d always held a deep interest in. This drove her to Binghamton University in 2013, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in pre-law.

But life had different plans. While studying at Binghamton, she became pregnant with her son, Braydon. Pursuing higher education became more difficult, but Stephanie knew remaining in school would help her provide the best life for herself and, most importantly, her son. She remembered her SUNY Broome academic advisor Terri Fadden mentioning Excelsior College and the convenience, accessibility, and affordability of its online curriculum.

She knew it was the right fit for her, and seamlessly continued her education without taking time off. After taking a few prerequisite classes at SUNY Broome, she enrolled in Excelsior’s online program for psychology.

“Excelsior is so great because of the flexibility it offers in your course work,” Stephanie says. “I was able to work around being a mom, which was incredibly important. You can’t really take a baby to class, but you can take him to the computer.”

She began volunteering as a photographer for the Endicott Performing Arts Center, which led to a new identity: that of entrepreneur and owner of Beyond the State Photography.

Click here to read the article. 

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