By Elisabeth Costanzo Stewart

During a recent campus visit, SUNY Chancellor John B. King, Jr. and President Tony D. Hawkins hosted a roundtable discussion to address the College’s efforts to bolster the region’s healthcare workforce pipeline. A prime example of SUNY Broome’s contributions to the Southern Tier’s nursing pool is the College’s newest and most groundbreaking healthcare initiative – the Nursing Transition Pathway for LPNs and Certified EMT-Ps. 

This specialty transitional pathway debuted in the fall 2024 semester with a cohort of 17 LPNs and three EMT-Ps. Designed to give Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedics (EMT-Ps) an expedited path toward earning their Nursing: A.A.S. degree, qualified participants spent the spring 2024 semester completing ADN198, a four-credit course focused on the scope of practice of a registered nurse. Designed to accommodate the working professional, ADN198 was offered in the evening to encourage work, school, and life balance. Upon successfully completing ADN198, the students were invited to transfer into SUNY Broome’s daytime or evening-weekend nursing program to complete their senior-level courses. 

Classes, labs, and clinical rotations use a combination of live and simulated patients.
Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

Prior to entering the Nursing Transition Pathway program, all certified LPNs and EMTs were required to complete and pass college-level coursework in College Writing I, General Psychology, and Anatomy and Physiology I. 

The LPNs and EMT-Ps in the inaugural cohort collectively shared their appreciation for SUNY Broome’s recognition of their many years of prior learning and on-the-job direct patient care experiences. The room nodded in agreement as one student shared her relief: “For the first time, I finally felt like my LPN certification was worth something.” In total, successful Pathway students will receive ten credits of prior learning for freshman-level nursing courses.

“One of the greatest things about this initiative is that it directly benefits the community,” shared Dr. Kimberly B. McLain, Associate Vice President and Dean of Health Sciences & Institutional Effectiveness. “These students have been serving our community as LPNs and EMT-Ps and soon will continue to care for the patients of our region, but as registered nurses.”

Students interested in learning more about the Nursing Transition Pathway for LPNs and Certified EMT-Ps program should contact SUNY Broome’s Admissions Office at 607-778-5001.

The inaugural class of LPNs and EMT-Ps gathered for an evening lecture.
Photo Credit: Matt Ebbers

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