Showing a Rainbow with SUNY Broome Celebrates Pride Month

June is Pride Month!

Every year in June the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates in a number of ways. Why June? June was the month of the Stonewall Uprisings that took place in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in 1969. Lead by drag queens, lesbians, and gay men the uprising was a catalyst for LGBT people to challenge harassment because of their gender identity and sexual orientation. Although many things have changed since 1969, there is much to do in raising awareness, improving attitudes towards LGBTQIA+, and ending violence against transgender individuals.

During Pride Month we at SUNY Broome celebrate the diversity of our campus and stand united with all our community no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. June is a month of transitions in college. We congratulate with pride our graduating women, men, trans women, trans men, and non-binary students and stand ready to welcome our incoming LGBTQIA+ students with inclusiveness and joy. We are inspired by your strength and pride as we work toward equity, understanding, and justice.

Please join us in celebrating Pride Month by tagging your posts on Instagram and Twitter with #PrideMonthAtSUNYBroome, telling us what Pride means to you. Your post may be featured on our SUNY Broome Pride Month page.

SUNY Broome Community College emblem with Rainbow colors

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