Kim Miller
Kim Miller

To move ahead in her workplace, Kim Miller needs a bachelor’s degree.  

SUNY Broome’s Bachelor Partnership Center connected her with Bellevue University, which offers a wide range of online degree options. Kim, who graduated from SUNY Broome a decade ago with a degree in Individual Studies, was able to transfer her credits to Bellevue and enroll in their Project Management program. 

Her degree program is all online, allowing her to accommodate her work schedule. For her program, she takes three classes per semester one at a time, with one beginning as the previous one ends. Just like any college class, projects, group meetings and tests are part of the experience — all conducted in the digital realm. 

“Because of the online nature of the school, you’re not burdened with getting to campus. It’s meant for people who have hectic lives already,” explained Kim, who works in the utilities sector. “It allows you to take classes when you’re ready and have time in your schedule. It’s very flexible.” 

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Coming back to school after a decade in the workforce seemed daunting at first, she acknowledged. Her first class with Bellevue had a heavy writing emphasis and focus on research. A few weeks in, however, she hit her stride as a student and now feels more confident.  

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Looking ahead, Kim is interested in managing and perhaps getting involved in the advocacy sector of her business. A bachelor’s degree will help her achieve these goals. 

Her classes might be online, but they are just as valuable as those on-campus, she said. 

“It’s a great school and it’s challenging,” she said of Bellevue. “A lot of people think when you go to an online school that you’re not earning the degree, you’re buying it. You are definitely earning your grades with this school; you have to work for it. It’s a real education.” 

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