SUNY Broome’s Admissions Team traveled to Windsor Central High School on November 10, 2021 with a very specific and exciting purpose. With 126 “YES” envelopes in tow, they went to accept and welcome Windsor’s entire senior class to SUNY Broome Community College. 

Superintendent, Jason Andrews, has had a consistent vision for Windsor Central High School students over his 25+ year career with the district. This vision is shared by Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Scott Beattie, and Principal Jeffrey Salasny. Their goal is for every Windsor student to have the opportunity to demonstrate their capacity as a college student, without having financial obstacles or burdens in their way. To achieve this goal, Windsor has actively pursued offering SUNY Broome Fast Forward classes. SUNY Broome’s Fast Forward Program offers challenging college-level  classes and experiences to students in their last one or two years of high school. Currently, Windsor has 14 Fast Forward classes, all of which are available at no cost to the students who enroll. 

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Scott Beattie, encourages his students to have a plan! (And a back-up plan!)

Andrews, Beattie, and Salasny know the statistics by heart. Each year, approximately 50% of Windsor’s graduating seniors attend SUNY Broome. They knew that the partnership between the schools was strong, but they wanted to make it even stronger – and thus came the Windsor/SUNY Broome College Express Partnership.

The College Express Partnership was established in 2019 through a collaboration between Windsor Central High School’s Superintent’s Team, Windsor’s School Counseling Department, and SUNY Broome’s Enrollment Management division. The goal was to create a streamlined process that allowed Windsor’s senior class to apply and be accepted to SUNY Broome en masse and on-site at the high school. In addition to hosting the instant acceptance event, the College Express Partnership exclusively offers several additional enrollment events for Windsor students in areas such as financial literacy workshops, college pro-tips seminars, and academic advising and course registration sessions. 

Dr. Penny Haynes congratulates SUNY Broome’s newly accepted students!

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Penny Haynes, addressed the senior class and shared from her personal experiences as a SUNY Broome student. “I can attest that studying at SUNY Broome can prepare you to transfer to any school or into any career. After high school, I went away to college, but decided that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I came back to SUNY Broome, and didn’t miss a beat. I earned my degree in two years and transferred to SUNY Oneonta. Then I got my master’s degree at Binghamton University.  I realized that I loved working in higher education and followed that up with my Ed.D. from Columbia University. SUNY Broome is for every student. It’s equally for the student who needs some direction, as it is for the high achievers who have their plans all set,” said Dr. Haynes. 

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, Scott Beattie, reiterated Dr. Haynes’ sentiments. “I know that some of you are thinking that SUNY Broome is not part of your plan… but your future is coming and you need to not only have a plan, but a back-up plan. Today’s event is designed to specifically address those needs,” shared Beattie. 

Andrew Buckler receiving his acceptance packet from Director of Admissions, Maja Szostak.

For senior Andrew Buckler, the College Express event made life a little easier during such a busy time of year. “I don’t know exactly what I want to study, but that’s why SUNY Broome is the right school for me. I can take my general education courses and explore my options. I definitely want to play soccer at SUNY Broome and hopefully will continue to play at the college that I transfer to after my two years at SUNY Broome,” said Buckler.

Jasmine Dickson and other Competitive Health Science applicants receive individual guidance about the Competitive Admissions process.

While most of SUNY Broome’s programs fall under open enrollment admissions criteria, the College’s Competitive Health Science programs, which include Nursing, Dental Hygiene, and Clinical Lab Technology to name a few, have some additional admissions requirements and deadlines. Jasmine Dickson applied for the Dental Hygiene program. “While I won’t know if I have been officially accepted into the Dental Hygiene program until March, I did have the opportunity to talk to the Director of Admissions about the Competitive Admissions process and was also accepted into the Health Studies program directly today. It was such a great experience,” shared Dickson. 

Maja Szostak, Director of Admissions, described College Express Day at Windsor High School as one of her favorite days of the year. “I wish that all of the high schools in the region were willing to follow Windsor High School’s example. It’s my dream that one day, every graduating senior from our area will have an application on file at SUNY Broome,” said Szostak.