For the second year, SUNY Broome has admitted the entire graduating class of 2021 at Windsor Central High School as part of the Windsor/SUNY Broome College Express Partnership. This year’s event was held over two days and included a live video presentation with SUNY Broome admissions counselors and staff. 

“It is quite different from last year,” says Windor’s Counselling Department leader Christina Taylor. “Last year, we were able to have the entire senior class together at the same time, but this year we’ve made it work by breaking the group up into different cohorts to allow for social distancing.” 

Instead of traveling to Windsor, SUNY Broome admissions counselors and staff used Zoom, an online web conference platform, to connect with students and guide them through the application process. 

A screenshot image of The College Day Express event at Windsor high school, showing admissions staff giving a presentation to students.
SUNY Broome Admissions Staff talks to Windsor seniors over Zoom at The College Express Partnership event.

“The College Express Partnership is an enrollment event that opens the door to educational attainment, career exploration, and personal growth for Windsor graduates”, explains Maja Szostak, Interim Director of Admissions at SUNY Broome. “Although we couldn’t be there in person, we still wanted to provide the senior class with a seamless acceptance into college, one-on-one support, and establish their relationship with our campus community. We value this partnership and look forward to this event every year! ”

During the event students were not only instantly admitted, but also instantly accepted, providing a direct path to college, as well as access to priority advising and free learning workshops on topics such as scholarships, financial aid, transfer opportunities, and career paths.

“The College Express partnership is a unique opportunity and one of the benefits of being a part of Windsor Central School District. Even if you don’t plan on attending, plans change and life changes, I think we all know a little about that” says Windsor Central School District Superintendent Jason Andrews, also a SUNY Broome Board Member. “This opportunity gives you not only a back-up plan but a really great plan.”

This partnership seeks to build on the community college’s mission to bring high-quality, affordable college education to everyone and the school district’s goal of ensuring every graduate is ready for the future.

“This partnership’s goal is to lower the obstacles that students may face trying to move forward on their path.” said Jeffrey Salasny, Principal of Windsor Central High School “Approximately fifty percent of the graduating class from Windsor will attend a two year college, and most of them will attend SUNY Broome.”  

On laptops and handheld devices together in the high school auditorium, each cohort of students filled out their applications and were instantly accepted to SUNY Broome, receiving certificates at the end of the event. 

“I always knew I wanted to attend SUNY Broome. This event made it easy for me to apply and be accepted,” said Kobe Delacruz, a graduating senior and part of the College Express event. “I am looking forward to the college experience and meeting new people at Broome.”

Kobe plans to study Criminal Justice at SUNY Broome and then transfer to Binghamton University. His future career plan is to become a police officer in the Broome County area. 

Senior Langdon Sibley will be attending SUNY Broome to pursue Culinary Arts; he says he is excited to see the new Culinary and Event Center and would like to open a restaurant someday.

“Staying close to home was important, given what’s going on with the pandemic,” said Langdon, “and SUNY Broome has everything I want in a college, it was an easy choice.”

Macenzi Stoeckel says she wants to pursue a career in social work because she enjoys helping people. She is looking forward to meeting new people at SUNY Broome and has applied to the Health Studies program. 

“It’s a great option if you know you want to transfer, and attending SUNY Broome is going to save me a lot of money in my first two years of college,” says Macenzi.

Kalista Holt will be attending SUNY Broome for a degree in business marketing, with the overall goal of owning her own hair salon.

Holt said the College Express event made the application process a breeze.

“I am excited because I had no clue about any of the college admissions processes, but doing this, I knew exactly what I had to do, so it was easy to apply.”

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