Dr. Lee Heron has integrated volunteer experience at the Broome County Animal Shelter with learning real-world managerial skills in her Principles of Management course.  

“I wanted my class to understand that operating and managing a business includes people, product, and process.” Dr. Heron says. “The people part includes employees, customers, and the community. Community service can say a lot about a business.”

The class visited the shelter on February 11th and were introduced to the shelter employees and volunteers before splitting off into groups. The groups helped with different daily tasks such as laundry and socializing with the dogs. Students were able to get a firsthand look at how the principles of managerial practices come together to keep the shelter running smoothly.

They also brought food, blankets, and other supplies to the shelter. Helping shelter animals empowers students to impact their community positively, and students were able to witness their positive impact firsthand as one of the animals they cared for was adopted a few days later.  

The class had planned to visit two more times during the semester; unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were unable to do so.

BUS 246 student with one of the pups the class cared for, she was adopted soon after.