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According to data from the College and University Food Bank Alliance (CUFA), 30 percent of college students are food insecure. At SUNY Broome, the Student Assembly (SA) heard the voices of the students on campus, and an SA Food Insecurity Committee was created. In an effort to help students, a comprehensive list of local resources was created and is attached.

The SA Food Insecurity Committee also collaborated with CHOW, who delivered individual boxes of food to students in need residing in the Student Village. With the high cost of tuition, living, and meal plans, food insecurity on college campuses is a common problem. It is okay to ask for help, and this committee is working hard to meet the needs of our students.

American Dining Creations has also provided FREE Meal Vouchers to use at the Student Services cafeteria. These vouchers will include a drink, a meal item, and a side. Present the slip at the cash register in the cafeteria, and the meal comes at no cost.

In order to collect a meal voucher, we ask that you contact: