Our Starfish team joins Hobsons on the stage during the Florida awards ceremony
Our Starfish team joins Hobsons on the stage during the Florida awards ceremony

SUNY Broome won Hobson’s 2019 Educational Advances Award for the college’s use of the Starfish Student Success Network.

The award was announced July 30 at the Hobsons Summer Institute 2019 in Florida. The company develops education technology solutions for both K-12 and higher education institutions.

“Our faculty and staff take retention seriously and use a wide range of measures to ensure that students have the help they need to succeed in the classroom,” said SUNY Broome President Kevin E. Drumm. “Starfish truly helps bridge the gap between students and the resources they need. Congratulations to our dedicated Starfish team, and all the faculty and staff who made this award possible.”

SUNY Broome was recognized in the Student Success and Advising category. Since implementing the Starfish platform in 2014, the college has seen significant improvements in student success.

As part of the Starfish system, students who are struggling in a class receive notices called flags, which connect them to the resources they need. In fall 2015, 24% of students who received a flag or early alert earned a grade of C or better in their course; by fall 2017, that number had grown to 44%, thanks to the use of interventions. During the same time period, course failures dropped from 28% to 19%.

Hobsons recognized four K-12 schools and school districts and six colleges and universities as finalists for the award, which covers three categories: College, Career and Life Readiness; Match and Fit Admission; and Student Success and Advising.

Finalists were selected by an independent panel of judges and education leaders. The winners in each category will receive a donation of $2,500 to use in continuing their efforts in helping students succeed. Runners-up will receive a donation of $1,000 each.

“Academic success involves a community of individuals – students and professors, advisors and support staff. That’s why Starfish is so important: It forges those essential connections with the campus community that are critical for success. And the numbers bear this out: Students who use the system are more likely to stay in class and complete their goals,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Penny Haynes. “Kudos on a great job by our Starfish team!”

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