SUNY Broome Faculty & Staff
SUNY Workforce Development Corporate Training Program – Four Grant Awards

Purpose: This grant program provides funding for SUNY community colleges to operate workforce development/job training programs to address training needs for businesses and organizations in local communities.

Title: Samscreen Manufacturing Supervision Training
Award: $12,923
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Title: Production and Operations Training for Raymond Hadley Employees
Award: $55,332
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Title: Leadership Skills Training with Care Compass
Award: $20,304
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Title: Manufacturing Skills Training with George Industries
Award: $2,616
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Apprenticeship Programs at SUNY – Three Grant Awards

Purpose: This grant program focuses on engaging small, medium, and large employers in New York to secure paid Registered Apprenticeships in high-skilled, high demand, competitive wage occupations. All activities are coordinated by SUNY, in partnership with NYS Department of Labor, US Department of Labor, and Empire State Development Office of Workforce Development. The NY College Apprenticeship Network supports apprenticeships in advanced manufacturing.

Title: Industry Roundtable for Apprenticeship Trade Titles in Healthcare
Award: $1,100
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Title: Pre-Apprenticeships Program for BAE Systems
Award: $3,300
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Title: Related Instruction for Registered Apprentices at Amphenol
Award: $19,200
Project Lead: Danielle Britton

Broome Community College Foundation Grant Awards – Five Grant Awards

Title: Campus Pantry & Clothing Closet Grant
Award: $100,000
Grantor: Avangrid Foundation via BCC Foundation
Project Lead: Lorie Brewer
Purpose: To support relocating, renovating, reopening and stocking the on-campus food pantry and clothing closet.

Title: Campus Food Pantry Support
Award: $12,275
Project Lead: Lorie Brewer
Purpose: To support relocating, renovating, reopening and stocking the on-campus food pantry and clothing closet.

Title: The B.C Center Doors Grant
Award: $10,000
Project Lead:   Nichole McMillen
Purpose: To support the purchase of four exterior metal doors at the BC Child Care Center.

Title: Biology Tech Assistant Travel Support
Award: $1,200
Project Lead: Dr. Tracy Curtis
Purpose: To cover a Biology Department Tech Assistant’s July 2024 travel expenses associated with the Ecology of National Parks course.

Title: Emergency Support for Veteran & Immigrant (and ESL) Students
Award: $3,140
Project Lead: Lorie Brewer
Purpose: To provide financial help to veterans and immigrant (and ESL) students in accordance with Student Emergency Fund.

The B.C Center Architectural Design

Award: $9,600
Grantor: Faculty- Student Association of Broome Community College
Project Leads: Nichole McMillen and David Ligeikis
Purpose: To fund architectural design services for planned renovations and improvements of  The B.C. Center, the on-campus child care center at SUNY Broome.

Child Care & Development Block Grant (FY22-23) – Additional Funds

Award: $13,975.00
Grantor: SUNY Research Foundation
Project Lead: Nichole McMillen
Purpose:  Additional funds have been granted to reimburse The B.C. Center for child care subsidy expenses incurred in the 2022-2023 grant program year.

National Resource Center for Middle East and North African Studies

Subaward: $45,000
Grantor: US Department of Education via Binghamton University
Project Lead: Dr. Jeff Anderson
Purpose: To support SUNY Broome’s collaboration with project partners to build on existing resources as well as enhance learning experiences for students, professional development for faculty and staff, and campus community events related to the Middle Eastern North Africa region over the next 3 years.

Women’s Empowerment Brunch

Award: $2,500
Grantor: Binghamton University’s Division on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Project Lead: Dr. Carol Ross-Scott
Purpose: To help cover the costs of a speaker fee and food for the Women’s Empowerment Brunch, a collaborative event between SUNY Broome and Binghamton University.


Award: $10,000
Grantor: Lumina Foundation thru SUNY Research Foundation
Project Lead: Danielle Britton
Purpose:  To implement a no-cost face-to-face online orientation program with built-in student supports and targeted local outreach in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods,  thereby helping to increase enrollment and completion for adults of color for non-credit offerings, micro credentials, and certificates leading to two associate degrees.

SUNY Multi-Campus Transfer Partnership

Award: $85,000
Grantor: SUNY Office of Student Success
Project Lead: Jesse Wells
Purpose:To support transfer partnerships between SUNY Broome and Binghamton University, SUNY Oneonta, and SUNY Cortland.

SUNY Internship Support  

Award: $197,996
Grantor:  SUNY Research Foundation
Project Lead: Dr. Penny Kelly
Purpose: To provide tuition scholarships to 60 students taking summer internships in Engineering Technologies and Hospitality programs over the next three years, as well as transportation for approx. 30 students who have transportation challenges.

EOP Pre-Freshman Summer Academy

Award: $63,000
Grantor: SUNY Office of Opportunity Program
Project Lead: Venessa Rodriguez
Purpose: To support a four-week, pre-freshman summer residential program intended to increase the potential for long-term academic success for 35 students who are accepted into the College’s Educational Opportunity Program.

Enhancing Supports and Services for Students with Disabilities for Postsecondary Success

Award: $33,435
Grantor: NYS Department of Education via SUNY
Project Lead: Lisa Hughes
Purpose: To supplement existing supports for students with disabilities, support college prep programs to assist with transitioning to college, provide staff with disability training, and improve identification process of students with disabilities to enhance data collection.

Opioid Settlement Fund Addiction Professionals Internships & Scholarships

Award: $327,641
Grantor: NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports
Project Leads: Dr. Courtney O’Hagen and Kristin Oliver
Purpose: To finance scholarships over a two-year period for students to complete an Associate degree in combination with the 350-hour Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) educational certificate program, and to support students during corresponding internships to the scholarship program.

FY 2025 Federal Perkins V Career & Technical Education Assistance

Formula Allocation: $528,045
Grantor: United Sates Department of Education via NYS Department of Education
Perkins Grant Officer: Shelli Reals
Purpose: Funding supports personnel and non-personnel costs in accordance with needs identified and strategies set forth in the College’s Perkins 2025 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment.

** The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) supports all aspects of grant proposal planning, preparation and submission. Any SUNY Broome faculty or staff who may be interested in pursuing external funding opportunities should begin the grants planning process by notifying the SPO of their intent to do so via or**

Submitted by: Danielle Tierno