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The Spring 2022 Schedule of Extra-Curricular Lectures, Interactive Events and Discussions, via live locations and/or Zoom Links.

View the online version of the Spring 2022 schedule.

Events include political panel discussions, weekly Speaker of the House events, a weekly Great Books Discussion, lots of personal enhancements offerings for students and a debate about the Civil War by history students. This schedule and the events detailed in it are sponsored by the Liberal Arts Division.

Don’t miss information in the schedule regarding special events such as: Convocation Day on Tuesday April 12, 2022; Foundation Scholarship information for your students on Thursday February 17, and an end-of-semester faculty guitar performance of Renaissance and Baroque music.

Attention Teaching Faculty: The events in the schedule may be helpful to you as you plan extra-curricular or extra-credit options for your students. Students and all attendees just need to select “Launch Zoom” to attend the events on Zoom or enjoy live events on campus. Some events are both live and on Zoom.

Kudos to the Following Faculty and Guest Presenters for Offering Common Hour/Extra-Curricular Events, via Zoom, in the Spring 2022 semester:

  • Professor Lee Whitted
  • Professor Kathleen McKenna
  • Professor John Sterlacci
  • Professor Jesse Katen
  • Professor Steve Call
  • Professor Carla Michalak
  • Professor Matt Papkov
  • Professor Fred Mellert
  • Professor Paul Sweeny
  • Professor Steven Call
  • Professor David Michalak
  • Foundation Administrators: Amy Englehart and Lisa Schappert
  • Student Leaders from the Women’s Discussion Group and the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and Students from HIS 187, U.S. Civil War: Causes and Effects
  • Professor I.J. Byrnes

For further information, contact
I.J. Byrnes
+1 (607) 778-5311

Submitted by: Irene Byrnes

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