Brianna Marible

Brianna Marible

Before coming to SUNY Broome, Brianna Marible took a semester off from her education to ponder her future. What did she truly want to do with her skills, her abilities, the course of her life?

In her Brooklyn community, she found herself participating in charity events and other initiatives – and also discovered her mission along the way. Marketing fascinated her, and she scoured the Internet for community college programs that could get her the best start on her future career.

A neighbor recommended her own alma mater: SUNY Broome. Brianna found that it fit her needs and headed north. She was pleased with what she found: friendly people, a peaceful environment compared to the hectic rush of Brooklyn and solid academics.

“It gave me a chance to focus on the work I wanted to do,” she said.

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Two years later, Brianna is graduating and planning her next stop on the way to a bachelor’s degree. She has been accepted at Stony Brook University and is awaiting an answer from her dream school: Binghamton University just down the road.

She has enjoyed her classes in marketing, advertising and the principles of management, where she learned what it takes to become a leader. Her Microsoft Excel class proved extremely useful at her marketing internship at State Farm.

She applied for internships using the Applied Learning & Career Center’s Purple Briefcase program, although it turns out that State Farm actually sought her. She is enjoying the experience in her field and plans to do additional internships while she works toward her bachelor’s degree, she said.

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Outside of class, she is also involved with Alpha Beta Gamma, the Business honor society, and was previously a member of the Business Club. She is also a Resident Assistant in the Student Village, which allows her to hone some of the skills she will someday use in the business world: staging and advertising events for her residents, working alongside people from different backgrounds and, of course, resolving the inevitable conflicts.

“Like me, a lot of the residents are coming from far away and leaving their families. I want to make people’s experience at SUNY Broome welcoming,” she said. “We want to make our residents feel comfortable and interact with other people.”

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Leadership didn’t always come naturally to Brianna; during her first semester she was actually quite shy, she admitted. Her friends and family observed the way she connects with others and suggested she become an RA; she’s glad she did, and relished the opportunity to break out of her shell.

Favorite professors include John Bunnell, Erin Frye and Charles Petrolawicz in the Business Department, and SUNY Broome Registrar Martin Guzzi, who teaches a course in microeconomics.

Brianna has enjoyed her SUNY Broome experience so much that she, like her neighbor, has recommended it to others: “I got to meet different types of people from all different walks of life. The professors were amazing, too, and customer service at the Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid was helpful.”

As any marketing professional knows, sometimes word of mouth is the best advertising there is.

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