Spotlight On Students: Perspectives on Virtual Spring 2020

We asked several students to share their perspective on the transition to virtual instruction, what they are doing to stay connected, and how they are taking this time to work on other projects.

Students, we are here to support you! Student resources and support can be found on our student resource page. SUNY Broome is here to keep you on track, build you up, and take you where you want to go!

Brie Kosinski, SUNY Broome Volleyball team, MVP, Class of 2020

“My time at Broome has been incredible both at an athletic and educational standpoint. I have had wonderful professors that I built strong relationships with that care about my wellbeing and success. The athletics at Broome is something I have never experienced before. Speaking specifically from my time on the volleyball team, I have built wonderful relationships with my coaches and the athletic department. The amount of dedication everyone puts in is noticeable and makes us as athletes put in the same amount of effort. It has been a privilege to play at Broome as there has been history made for the team but where I have also made lifelong friendships. I have never felt more secure, confident, independent, and been pushed to my potential before my time here. Everything Broome has taught and given me will be things I implement into my life going forward. I am not 100% sure of where, but I plan to get a full-time job in the near future. I also hope to coach or ref volleyball at some point! Broome has done wonderful things for me, and I am very blessed to experience everything I have here.”

Brie Kosinski currently holds total assists, and assists/set records for SUNY Broome’s All-time statistical record holders.

Amani D. Ntale, Criminal Justice/Police, Criminal Justice Emergency Services Students Association (CJESSA)

“What helped me to stay focus during the transition is the idea of graduating this semester. Also, keeping in mind that online classes have the same purpose as the in-person ones: learning. So, I still had work to do from my side to reach that graduation.. I stayed in touch with my instructors through both Blackboard and emails. They are the most effective way to communicate with them. And I used Facetime to keep in touch with my friends.The advice I could give students in my major, and even other students in general is to believe in your dreams and to give yourself the means to achieve them: to study, to manage their time accurately and effectively. If you keep your goals in mind, you can only be successful. “L’homme ne vit pas du nom mais du travail” – French proverb which means: “A man does not live off his name, but rather he lives off his work”.”

Amani D. Ntale, Criminal Justice/Police Program at SUNY Broome

Maegen Eddinger, Coach, SUNY Broome Women’s Volleyball

“I have been staying in touch with the team through our group chat which is normal for us during the off season. I have been checking in on my athletes and they are all staying motivated with school and my returners are preparing to be back on campus in the fall for another great season. Today they all sent me a photo to use on our facebook page as we wanted to participate in the USA Volleyball Movement to #volleyon. We are trying to do things like this to remind them they are supported and not alone during this strange time.”

Ronisha Cuddihe, Liberal Arts Program

Ronisha Cuddihe, Liberal Arts Program

“I feel that it can be hard but possible to still succeed in your classes you just have to put in the extra work if you aren’t used to online courses.
I’m a liberal arts major but I just got accepted into Binghamton University’s BSW program for this upcoming fall semester.
Communication with my instructors helps me to stay engaged with my courses, I try to look at the positive side of the online learning like I’m happy that I have more time to study and do my school work since I’m stuck in my house. I use social media to stay in touch with my friends and I have zoom meetings with my classmates.”

Benjamin Decker, Business Program working on a dual degree for Business Administration and Management, Marketing, & Sales

Benjamin Decker
Club Finance Committee, Secretary
Business Club, VP

“Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 on our community, and the world, I’ve refused to let it get me down. The move to online learning was difficult at first, and in the past, I have tried to avoid online classes as I prefer the in-class experience. I must say the professors at SUNY Broome have done a great job at easing students into this new environment. The biggest challenge to moving online, with work and school, was separating myself from all the deadlines and finding time to relax. My entire life was shoved into a single room and that was very stressful. My tip to other students is to take a lot of walks! I try to take walks often around my apartment building and neighborhood to help relax. Before work, after work, and in between classes. This helps me to feel some sense of normalcy – it simulates how it was walking to classes back on campus. We all need to remember that we aren’t alone in this situation. The key is to find something positive to keep you occupied until this all passes.” “Nobody is exempt from the trials of life, but everyone can always find something positive in everything even in the worst of times.” – Roy T. Bennet

Sierra Musk, Music Major (Music Therapy track)

Sierra Musk, Music Major

“Transitioning to online classes has been difficult, especially with not being able to finish my time at Broome with friends, professors, and coworkers. I recommend finding the time when you’re the most productive, which for me is at night when my house is quiet. I’ve been reminding myself that even though I can’t physically create memories with my friends, that I can still make them virtually on video calls and over social media. We’ve just got to take it one assignment at a time, and keep making memories. “

Sophia Richardson, Liberal Arts, Individual Studies. A.S., Student Assembly Senator

Sophia Richardson, Student Assembly Senator

“Although this time is very challenging, I️ am trying my best to stay on top of all my classes. I️ use my planner, I️ set alarms on my phone and try to keep a personal deadline for all my assignments. Not being able to meet on campus and keep myself busy with the events, I️ have been making youtube videos instead.”

Nathan Smales, Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Nathan Samales stays active and practices social distancing outdoors
Nathan also enjoys taking photos. This is his winning entry in the “A Moment in the Life” Photography Contest Spring 2020

“Since moving to online learning, I have finished up with the academic, classroom portion of my Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Broome and have one more clinical affiliation to complete after the quarantine is lifted and physical therapy facilities begin to take students back in. Then I will be officially finished! I have been able to stay in contact with my classmates through a facebook group we created. We are still able to vote on club affiliated decisions and encourage one another during this unprecedented time. So in the meantime while I wait for the quarantine to lift, I have spent my time studying for the PTA licensing exam, making lots of kombucha, and building online adoption profiles for waiting children in India. I also bleached my hair as an online challenge to raise COVID-19 emergency funds for a children’s home in India I used to volunteer with for kids who have developmental disabilities. I raised over $800 for them in a week!” 

Matthew Hunt, Paramedic Program (accelerated track)

“With all classes and labs moving to an online format,  I am now using blackboard to communicate with instructors and classmates. We have to log on, and the teacher has his slide show up and lecture LIVE just as he usually would do in class. We have the option to have our microphones on to ask questions or type them in the message box. There are many distractions at home, and it takes tremendous discipline to stay attentive.  I’ve found myself having to turn my desk at home to face a wall while class is in session, so my focus is where it needs to be; this is what works for me!”