Consider it the Zen koan of the recent graduate: You need experience to get a job in your field, and a job to get that experience.

But newly-minted Binghamton University graduate Rebecca Fishman found a solution to the paradox: Get a certificate demonstrating the skills you need, and improve your employment options. That’s why Fishman, who has a bachelor’s degree in English, headed to SUNY Broome to earn a certificate in New Media Design.

“I want to get into content writing,” said the Westchester native. “This is so I can actually get a job.”

Content writers work in the digital world, and their skill set must include more than crafting elegant sentences. They often work in social media management and even some elements of website and graphic design.

SUNY Broome’s New Media Design Certificate covers a wide range of classes, from computer graphics, website creation and digital photography, to drawing, social media, app development and more. The program takes a total of two semesters, making it ideal for those seeking to upgrade their skill sets for employment.

“I’ve taken a wide variety of classes. It’s been an interesting change of environment,” said Fishman, who has taken both online and traditional courses. “In one class, everyone has an easel. In another class, we work in a computer lab.”

Close to Binghamton University, SUNY Broome was a natural choice for Fishman. Fun fact: She’s switched places with her brother, who started at SUNY Broome as part of the Binghamton Advantage Program; he’s since transferred to BU, while she’s taking classes at Broome.

Would she recommend the certificate to others seeking to upgrade their skills? Absolutely, she said.

“It’s so good to actually get some experience on your resumé so you’re not stuck in that cycle of ‘I need a job, but I need experience, but I need a job to get experience,’” she reflected.

Click here to learn more about the New Media Design Certificate.

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