Ryan Wilson just couldn’t find himself at the University of Buffalo.

He explored law and pharmacy, but neither held a lasting appeal. And he also felt a bit lost in other ways, one face among a sea of students.

“It was a different experience,” remembered Wilson, who attended UB in 2014. “I come from Owego, which is small. The lecture halls were 500 people. I didn’t like it and I decided to come home and save a couple bucks.”

With smaller class sizes and professors who are readily available, SUNY Broome has given him more confidence in his abilities as a student, he said. His previous experience counts, too: He was also able to transfer college credits from his general education courses from both UB and high school.

And he’s found his path. The Health Sciences major intends to enter the nursing program, with the goal of entering into the field.

“The medical field has always interested me. There are so many options,” he said.

Those options include transferring into SUNY Broome’s own competitive and highly regarded nursing program. But wherever he ends up, Wilson has a good foundation for his future.

“These two semesters have me prepared,” he said.

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson

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