An image of a person's profile made up of puzzle piecesIntrigued by psychology? Check out this exciting new research course!

PSY 295 (WE): Psychology Research Capstone is intended for serious students who wish to pursue further work in psychological science at the undergraduate or graduate level. The course is designed to satisfy the General Education requirements for Critical Thinking and Information Management, as well
as providing a Writing Emphasis credit.

You’ll choose your own group project, and will design and perform original psychological research to produce professional publications or presentations. As part of the process, you’ll:

  • identify a researchable problem in psychology;
  • locate and critically evaluate appropriate existing psychological research;
  • demonstrate an understanding and mastery of a particular research method used in psychology, including research design, data analysis, data interpretation, and the development of conclusions from evidence;
  • develop collaborative research and communication skills;
  • learn to write as psychological scientists do; and
  • learn to communicate effectively about the results of psychological research with non-scientists.

Finally, we’ll submit the finished work for you to present at a professional psychology conference, or submit it for publication to a professional journal in psychological science.

Prerequisites for the course are:

  • General Psychology (PSY 110)
  • College Writing (ENG 110)
  • Permission of the instructor (Dr. Bill Altman)

For more information, please contact Dr. Bill Altman: