Alanna De La Cruz

Alanna De La Cruz is at her happiest when she’s deep into a project and beauty sings forth from its medium – a dab of oil paint, perhaps, or the pliant surface of the clay.

When she first came to SUNY Broome, however, she decided to major in Business and focus on a path to entrepreneurship. Sitting in her accounting class, she came to a realization: She needed to study art first.

Now a Visual Communications major, she’s focused on the fine arts and living her passion.

“I’m so happy I changed my major. I learned so much I didn’t know before, whether it’s the rule of thirds or where to put your shadows,” she said. “These are things that allowed me to take my art to a different level.”

Art – the desire to create – has run a bright and colorful thread through De La Cruz’s life. Originally from Manhattan, she attended the High School of Fashion Industries, but decided against immediately attending the Fashion Institute of Technology like so many of her classmates.

“I wanted to experience college instead of staying with my parents,” she explained.

SUNY Broome gave her that opportunity. In addition to her classes, she president of both the Art Club and the Black Student Union, holding meetings and organizing multiple campus events. She’s also served as a Student Assembly Senator.

De La Cruz plans to transfer to FIT and major in fine arts. She still envisions a future as an entrepreneur – a professional artist with her own business selling natural products, such as soap and cosmetics.

“I want to infuse everything I love — design, makeup and art – and have a business that shows all of that,” she said.

Above all, she wants to continue creating – and create her own success. Her experiences at SUNY Broome are helping her shape the clay of her future.

“It helped me find myself and taught me a lot about taking leadership,” she said of the college. “I love this school.”

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