SUNY Broome students are asked to be on high-alert after a new phishing scam has appeared in the community. 

The scam starts with an email offering a work-from-home job opportunity, paying up to $350 weekly. The scammer will ask you to reach out via phone number to receive further instructions. The initial email may look something like this: 

Once the scammer has your information, they will ask you to deposit checks for them, and then send the attacker money for “supplies.” If you deposit the checks, it may take several days for the bank to discover they are fake. If you send money to the attacker, you will most likely lose it all! Here are what the fraudulent instructions look like:


If you receive one of these emails, or suspect an email to be phishing, please forward it to

For more information about job scams and fake check scams, check out the links below. 

FTC: Job Scams

FTC: Fake Check Scams

Submitted by: SUNY Broome ITS