We want to remind our colleagues that the SUNY Broome VIP (Very Inspirational Person) Employee Recognition program is accepting nominations. We will begin processing submissions in May and announce the first batch of VIPs in June.

We know that our coworkers make SUNY Broome an incredible and welcoming place for a high-quality education. Our mission is only made possible by the efforts of everyone on the SUNY Broome team!

In the Foundation and Alumni office, we meet many SUNY Broome alumni donors. Most of them tell stories of why they give back to SUNY Broome. Nearly every story includes memories of someone on our campus who made a difference in their life. It could have been a professor that inspired a course of study or encouraged a particular talent. Or maybe it was the department secretary who would listen when they needed an ear. Or possibly a tutor, counselor, coach, librarian, or mentor who helped them navigate hurdles they faced as students. It could also have been a custodian who always greeted them with a smile. It is any one of us who makes a difference in another person’s life here at SUNY Broome.

Please help us to implement the VIP recognition program. We are confident that everyone knows at least one individual who goes the extra mile to ensure that students and peers are supported and successful.

Who do you know that meets this description? “Tell on them!” Let us know who they are and what they have done or do to inspire others here. Nominate a VIP through our online form.

All employees are encouraged to participate. You have the choice to remain anonymous if you desire, meaning we won’t share your name with the VIP if you so wish.

Beginning May 1st, we will start processing nominations for VIPs. We provide the VIP with a certificate of recognition and a token of appreciation and provide public recognition as the nominee desires.

So, start thinking about who you would like to encourage! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information before submitting a VIP nomination.

Cathy Abashian Williams
Executive Director, SUNY Broome Foundation
(607) 778-5405