SUNY Broome Campus during snowfall

For the end of the year, I’ve prepared a very special last Recruitment Roundup for the Fall 2022 semester. I don’t know if you guys are Spotify app users like me, but every December I look forward to getting my Spotify Wrapped summary for stats on how many minutes I listened to for the year, which artists and genres were my favorites, etc. As the group visit coordinator, I thought I’d make something similar for the visits that the admissions office hosted in 2022. That being said, here is our..

2022 Group Visits Wrapped!


Between January and December, I fielded 69 different requests for group visits to SUNY Broome. Of these 69 requests..

  • 34 groups came to visit campus
  • 8 groups had their visits postponed and did not reschedule
  • 21 groups began the process of a visit but did not follow through
  • 6 groups canceled their group visit before the event date

Though it’s always a disappointment to lose a group, we have nearly a 50% follow through between inquiries and physical visits! (See the pie chart at the bottom of the article for a visual representation of this data).

Group Sizes

Between the 34 visiting groups, we were able to host approximately 980 students on campus this year through group visits alone! Wow!

  • Largest group size overall: 165 students came from Comp Sci High over the course of three days in May
  • Largest one-day group size: Comp Sci High ties with Washington Irving High School, bringing us to four different group visit days with 55 students in attendance
  • Smallest one-day group size: 6 students from Seven Valleys New Tech Academy
  • Average group size: 28.82 students

Visiting Group Origins

We had visiting groups come to campus from all over this year! Here’s some stats about their origins:

  • 100% of visiting schools were located in New York State
  • 20 of our 34 visiting groups (58.82%) came to us from the city
  • Of our groups from the city, half (29.41% overall) came from The Bronx specifically

Some of them had to travel quite a long ways to get to us for their group visits, too:

  • Longest trip: Brooklyn Bridge Academy, whose students traveled 204 miles to come to SUNY Broome!
  • Shortest Trip: The Cornell Cooperative Extension on Front Street, 1.4 miles away
  • Average distance to attend a SUNY Broome group visit: 130.11 miles!

Please keep in mind that the distances mentioned above are one-way distances – each group had to travel twice as much, averaging 260.22 miles of travel per visiting group! I’m genuinely impressed and thrilled by the motivation of these groups to come see our college.

Visiting Hours

The length of a group visit can vary widely based on what the group is looking for during their time on campus. Group visits to SUNY Broome this year varied in length between 1 hour (for groups who came just for a tour) and 5 hours (for groups like EDU 111 Fast Forward).

  • The average amount of time spent on campus: 2.55 hours
  • Number of hours Admissions spent hosting group visits: 86.75 hours

I was unable to approximate the number of hours spent organizing these events, but if I had, I’m sure it would have been a lot!

Month Distribution

A lot of different factors go into a school’s decision to visit at a particular time. School vacations, COVID restrictions, bus driver availability, budget availability, and curriculum planning are just a few pieces of the puzzle. As a result, we tend to see some trends that reflect the most popular visiting times (see the bar graph at the bottom of the article).

The blue bars reflect the number of visits that month, and the red trendline measures the moving average. Group visits in 2022 have occurred in an uneven bell curve that, in my opinion, approximately reflects periods of relaxed COVID guidelines and schedule availability in the curriculum (wrapping up the year in May, busy with starting it in September, out of session June through August). Because of the many COVID related factors that contributed to group visits this year, I can’t really extrapolate this data to predict what may happen in 2023, but it’s still cool to look at!

That concludes our 2022 Group Visits Wrapped. Please note that this data pertains specifically to group visits to campus and does not include the countless number of students our office reached this year through college fairs, recruitment visits, instant admits, the Windsor College Express, and other non-group visit recruitment events.

If you have any questions about my data or there’s anything else you would be interested in seeing, please let me know! I hope that this was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to write. We’ll see you in the Spring 2023 semester for the second season of Recruitment Roundup!

Submitted by: Anya Samiljan