Scam Alert

There has been an increase in our area regarding financial fraud. Here are some tips to help keep you safe.

  • Keep all credit cards in a safe place away from view. People can and will photograph or write down the card information to make purchases via phone or internet. 
  • If your card(s) are missing, call your bank ASPA or put a freeze on your account(s) until you locate your card(s). If you cannot locate them, report them lost or stolen. 
  • Be aware of card skimming devices that can be placed on ATMs, fuel pumps and other transaction locations. These devices copy your card information, which can be copied (re-programmed) onto other cards with magnetic strips.
  • Checking account fraud happens more often than you think. Keep your banking information safe and out of the view of others. If you pay bills using checks, make sure that if you are mailing them out, you are dropping them into a USPS post office box and not leaving in your mailbox. Criminals can use you banking info to recreate fake checks to cash or deposit.
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is a scam. If someone asks you to be their personal assistant or wants you to use your account for their banking purposes, it’s most likely for criminal activity.
  • If someone asks you to purchase gift cards and says they will reimburse you, and then they want you to send them a photo of that card with the numbers on the back visible — don’t. This is a scam.  
  • Check your credit and bank accounts regularly. If you see purchases that you did not make, report it to your bank and the police.

If you are on campus when or if this occurs, contact the Office Of Public Safety at 607-778-5083